To celebrate my childhood friend’s 24th birthday, we rallied the troops for a weekend getaway to her family’s beautiful home in Lincoln City. We packed up four cars and brought 15 of our closest friends out to the coast to kick off the New Year and to raise a glass (or two) to our dear friend, Ashley Walsh. Sandy feet, sunny skies, and sore palms were only a few of the highlights of our 3-day beach trip and I couldn’t be more thankful to have these incredible people in my life. Enjoy the video above, and get started on planning your own weekend away, you deserve it!

With a coat that still reeks of Campfire, and a whole lot of appreciation,


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Let’s face it, Christmas songs are just about the only tunes that I can keep on repeat for a full 31 days. But who doesn’t like to mix things up every once and a while? Amongst christmas gift shopping, wrapping up finals, baking cookies and clocking in those hours to pay for all this holiday cheer, I’m well aware that not all of you have the free time to hunt down these unique christmas tracks. So I’ve compiled a short playlist of songs that say goodbye to the many Silent Night covers and puts a pause on Rocking Around the Christmas Tree. And for a short spell, I invite you to take a listen to these exceptional holiday songs for this Christmas season!

With eggnog in hand, and a whole of appreciation,


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I am thankful for a lot of things, too many to count in fact. However there is, for certain, one thing I could not be thankful for enough and that is my family and friends. Without the support from each and every one of you, I would not be even remotely close to where I am today.

This past Thanksgiving was an incredible day and with the help of a few cans of Fireside Chat and my mother’s deathly sauced broccoli, I was left feeling well fed and well rested. And in an effort to keep some moments for only my memory, I have compiled a short sneak peek at this year’s Thanksgiving Day.

Enjoy the video and be sure to count your blessings every waking day- we are all so incredibly fortunate.

With five extra pounds and a lot of appreciation,


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Everybody likes surprises.

I hope you all had an incredible Halloween!

With spooooky appreciation,


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Love Is Love: There is No Difference

My neighbors, Mel and George, were married August 8th, 2013.

Myself and my family were blessed enough to witness and celebrate this special day with the beautiful couple.

I urge each and every one of you to love the one your with, empower the loves around you, and support the love of all.

With warmhearted appreciation,


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As promised-

Another round of South African artists that deserve your attention.

Although it breaks my heart posting all of these faves from across the globe here in San Francisco, I couldn’t hold out on you all any longer.


With uncontrollable head-bobbing and a whole lot of appreciation,


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The Faces & Places of Cape Town

I spent 6 months in Cape Town, South Africa.

The places seen, faces remembered, & hands held, will always remain near and dear to my heart.

If I could show you the entire journey I would, but instead I offer this video, a mere snapshot of the best 161 days of my life.

With nostalgic appreciation,


song: Visitors, Aztec Sapphire

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Cruising the Coast

A drive from Portland to Bandon, Bandon to San Francisco, and San Francisco to Portland; one big U-Turn.

With strained eyes, a numb toosh, and exhausted appreciation


song: Vakidis, Christian Tiger School

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The Day They First Met

Couple at The Wilds, David Goldblatt, 1975

With a steady dedication in his eyes, sure to lock his stare on the corners of her face.

A quick bat of his lashes, ensuring the affection he has for her and only her.

She sits patiently.

Smiling when cued.

Laughing when told.

She begins to mirror his grin, all the while bumping shoulder to shoulder on this rickety blue bus.

He licks his lips, prefacing his next line of entertainment for the hour, yet she instinctively bites her own.

With this, a smirk.

With that, a smile.

With all of it, a romance for the ages only to last a bus ride on this sunny afternoon in Cape Town.

With envious appreciation


Move Like They Do in South Africa

I present to you a handful of South African artists that deserve your attention!

let these tracks hug your ears through the wire and float over your days on whatever grounds you cover, in hopes of gracing a stage near you someday.

In fear of the possible “too much of a good thing” scenario, I will stop myself there and relay more great music your way next week!

With tapping toes and all of my appreciation,


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"To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all" -Oscar Wilde

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